The Andras Group offers a wide range of services and products (wealth management, investment advice and planning, equities, mutual funds, fixed-income products, insurance) to conservative investors, corporations, institutions, estates, and foundations. We often work in collaboration with a wide range of professionals in the legal, accounting, and financial planning fields to meet our clients' specific needs and goals.

Investment Philosophy

We take a long-term approach, with an appreciation that there is the potential of short-term opportunities. We believe that maintaining purchasing power over time is essential. Our focus is on designing portfolios to meet our clients' specific goals of financial independence and enriched retirement. Recommendations are thoroughly researched, both fundamentally and technically. We invest in quality securities that offer value and growth potential. Our focus is on risk minimization, income generation, and opportunities for capital growth. We invest others' capital as we do our own.

Business Philosophy

Our role as advisors is to provide financial direction so that clients can have peace of mind. We operate both independently and within a group, so that all clients have a team of experts working for them at all times. We endeavour to donate a percentage of all commissions to charity. We believe that our business should take an active part in supporting our community. We believe that with privilege comes responsibility, and as a result we have established the Andras Family Charitable Fund.